SMS for Business, Corporate and Organisation Application Communications

SMS is a cost effective communication tool. Here are just a few examples how businesses and organisations have been using SMS Manager:

Employee Communications

  • Monitoring and Alerts – Many systems need to be constantly monitored for errors and performance issues. Bulks SMS can be integrated to alert systems to notify key personnel of potential problems.
  • Contacting staff that are always on the road eg. sales, service technicians.

Customer Communications

  • Marketing – There is high level of attention for any message received by a individual and since SMS is limited to 160 characters the whole message is read leading to a higher than average response rate.
  • CRM – send appointment confirmations and reminders.
  • retail stores – let customers know that an item they have ordered is available.
  • service businesses – eg. mechanics informing customers their car is ready.
  • debt recovery – friendly reminders that payment is due

Member Communications

  • We have many organisations, unions, church groups and sports clubs using SMS Manager as a communications medium to contact their members. SMS is a cheap and effective medium for delivering information to your members quickly.

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