SMS to Meet Your Needs

Bulk SMS has Solutions for any and all communications needs in the Short Message Service range to ensure a well rounded solutions base for Mobile Marketing, Business Communications and Organizational Drives.

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Mobile Marketing

Engage customers and ensure successful campaigns via Mobile Marketing.

Use BulkSMS to enhance your marketing coverage through informative messaging.

BulkSMS is the best way to send updated advertisements to a wider coverage of users, customers and potential patrons. Send new promotions and amazing offers as they happen. Update your target market by transmitting calendar event details directly to their mobile devices.

Whatever your marketing target is BulkSMS will be an effective aid and solution to your campaign.

Mobile Marketing

Business Communications

Business Communications

Maximize BulkSMS by using it as a frontline Business Communications Tool and ensure that staff members are knowledgeable of corporate information releases.

Personal and private Organizational plans and schedules become easy to distribute through BulkSMS.

With the BulkSMS system, your business or organization can easily sort transmitted SMS communications.

Internal Communications

Use BulkSMS for initial internal communications to connect office staff and telecommuting employees. Transmit FYI’s at your convenience, ensure appointments are promptly set and reminded. Maximize the 2 way SMS service for on demand employee correspondence.

External Communications

As an external communications tool, businesses can provide affiliates, shareholders and customers with short newsflashes, press releases and all need to know information in short message format.

Keep Everyone Up to Date

Provide your organization, union, clubs and groups with various updates on initiatives, drives, causes or meetings without complications. Minimize the stress of mailing lists, contact lists and even flyers by using BulkSMS as your primary medium of information dissemination.

Intelligent SMS Management

The Front end access of the BulkSMS system can be used as a tool for viewing and reviewing SMS blasts. This serves well as a reminder and reference tool for customers, members or subscribers. While the back end access can be used as an effective management tool for editing and creating message blasts.